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worldwide including los angeles. many protesters today stopped traffic coming fancy than in the street chanting. from arrests were made for the most part demonstrations were peaceful. roughly 180 arrest in new york. >> this guy looks but he isn't a game. " >> protesters tried to block access to the new york stock exchange. essex >>pam: almost into years, the san jose police made an announcement today. but she is calling it quits. he says circumstances in his life have changed and he will leave the department at less than five months. >> the san jose police chief walked into a crowded conference room to announce his retirement. >> this is my decision killing that was not left into it. >> he is leaving was some are calling turmoil and san jose. phfft crimes are up in pension reform on the table with pay cuts in effect. >> is a difficult time. i believe we're one to find a result of litigation. >> it has been less than two years since the deep -- since the chief took charge. is that circumstances have changed but he has enjoyed working with the community. >> that she will ret
flight before settling down in los angeles. yesterday morning thousands gathered by the bridge. i was over there, it was fantastic. the crowd enjoyed two fly byes at the golden gate. the second one had the subtle going right between the bridge's towers. wow! >> honestly, i was a bit emotional. i was tiered up a little a litt. it surprised me. >> the flight of a little more than a thousand miles will be among endeavour's most memorable, which is saying a lot since the shuttle traveled 100 million miles through space. let's take a live look at the endeavour right now in los angeles. the los angeles international airport. it received a big welcome home yesterday and that's going to be the home, los angeles. the shuttle will be kept there for several weeks before it begins a twelve mile ground trek to the california space center. that's going to be interesting. and once it gets to the space center it will become a permanent museum exhibit. our viewers took some great pictures of the flyover. check this out. john griffin had this shot of the subtle passing over his neighborhood. it loo
on the settlement won't be released until the terms are agreed upon. >>> work use in los angeles have been angering some residents by chopping down hundreds of trees for a space shuttle. 400 ficus, pine and other trees that line the treats of l.a. are being removed so the enormous space shuttle can be removed from the l.a. airport through inglewood to the california science center. endeavour will make the trip next month the center will plant 800 trees to make up for the loss. some residents say no amount can make up for the shade and beauty of the lost trees. >>> san francisco supervisors refused to other turn their vote approving a 134 unit condo project. the issue now goes to voters on the november ballot. the project is located in the waterfront area north of the ferry bidding. supervisors approved it in june with a provision to increase the height limit from 84 feet to 136 feet. opponents gathered more than 30,000 signatures to qualify the referendum to overturn the height limit. the project will remain on hold until after next year's elections. >>> encouraging news from doctors about a firefi
with his family. his attorney says he voluntarily went with the los angeles county sheriff's deputies and he was questioned. investigators are looking into his activities since he was convicted of financial crimes. his film was partially shot in newhall, north of downtown l.a. his company, media for christ, is locked up. >>> the bodies of the four americans who died in the violence sparked by that movie are back on american soil this morning. ambassador chris stevens of piedmont are among those killed at the attack on the embassy in benghazi, libya. ♪ >> a military procession escorted their coffins to ceremonies in maryland. president obama called 52-year-old stevens everything america could want as an ambassador. secretary of state hillary clinton new him personally. >> during the revolution in libya he risked his life to help protect the libyan people from a tyrant, and he gave his life helping them build a better country. >> after yesterday's ceremonies, the bodies were sent to a military mortuary in delaware. plans for christopher stevens' funeral are pending. >>> this morning o
on the back of a 7:47 before endeavour retired to a los angeles museum it is scheduled to pass over the state capitol and here to the bay area. to prevent any traffic problems in the air the faa will restrict air space over sacramento and los angeles today between 9:30 and 11:30 air space is restricted below 5,000 feet in a 25-mile radius around san francisco. next month endeavour will take a five mile road trip. now nearly 400 trees were being cut down along the route to make room for the 112-foot long shuttle. the museum is promising to replant 1,000 trees. >>> stay with us here at ktvu for continuing coverage in the next half hour some of the best bay area spots to catch the flayover of the shuttle we are also going to go live to moffett field at 6:30 this morning because they are hosting a very big watch party there. >> there will be a lot of watch parties. that is what sal is telling us chp has a warning as well. >>> that is right dave and pam. chp's warning not to stop on the freeway if you happen to be driving by when endeavour flies over. i know it's tempting to do it and people do it
a final flight over the bay area before settling down to los angeles yesterday morning. thousands gathered around the vista point of the side of the bridge. it was amazing. the crowd enjoyed two fly byes of the golden gate. the second one, check it out. the shuttle going right between the bridge's towers. wow! >> honestly? i was a bit emotional. i tiered up a little bit. it surprised me. >> i met a woman who had tiers flowing down her cheeks, she was so moved by the whole thing. the flight will be among the endeavour's most memorable, which is saying a lot since it flied over 100 million miles through space. let's take a live look at the endeavour in l.a. this morning and she's not going to leave it. she received a huge welcome yesterday. it will be prepped there for several weeks before it begins a twelve-mile ground trek to the california space center. they will toe that thing through the streets of los angeles to a permanent museum exhibit. in order to make room for the endeavor, they had to cut down 400 trees along the travel route. but before you get too upset, they will plant more th
york, san francisco and los angeles, she will be touring communities where she lived in the late 1960s. >>> rahm emanuel is seeking a court order to force striking teachers back to the classroom. it comes as teachers start a second week on the picket line. they voted to extend the strike after reviewing the proposed settlement with the district. >>> a father accused of kidnapping his two young children is due back in court tomorrow. he is accused of kidnapping his two and three-year-old kids, stealing a yacht and sailing south for three days. he and the kids were found near monterey. he said he kidnapped them because they were being abused. the children's mother denies those claims. >>> one of the landings at san francisco airport is due to reopen. they have been making safety upgrades which includes an extension as well as adding new lighting. it cuts the hourly arrivals in half so passengers you may see some delays. the runway will be closed again this coming weekend and the weekend after that. 5:48, sal how are the roads? >>> so far people are getting up and wanting to hit the roads
so it was an honor for her and for him as well, pam. >> yes, and it will head to los angeles and we will be watching it in the bay area because the endeavor is scheduled to fly a low fly over at the golden gate bridge so if you are out get your cameras out because that is supposed to be about 8:30 tomorrow morning and then a path to silicone valley and this is of course ending the 30 year shuttle program. live again at the air force base in houston texas and they are -- they are getting ready to take off. we will keep watching and we will show you what is happening live. >>> in overnight news back here at home, three women shot in oakland while driving down the street and it happened near mills college. live in hyland hospital with all the latest details, good morning tara. >> we understand the women were brought here, two were shot, one was actually hurt in the face, she received cuts to her face from some flying glass. northbound on seminary avenue near mills college. a bullet hole shattered the two passengers side windows. five end with inside, two were african-american three lat
. the los angeles county sheriff's department says the man was not arrested and went in voluntarily for questioning. he has a prior conviction on bank fraud charges. authorities are looking into his role in producing the video may have violated terms of his probation. four americans died in attack on u.s. consulate in libya shortly after the video was posted, including ambassador chris stevens. >>> eight people were arrested and six officers injured in protests against the antimuslim film in sydney, australia. witnesses say up to 500 people marched in the streets before getting into a confrontation with police in front of the u.s. consulate. police used pepper spray and tear gas to break up protests. >>> two people died and at least 40 people were hurt when protesters stormed the u.s. embassy in tunisia. the embassy was not staffed at the time of the attack. >>> antiamerican protests have now spread to about 20 countries, from the middle east and north africa all the way to australia. you are looking at a map right now of where the demonstrations have taken place. the state departme
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to get the upper hand last night. this is in los angeles east of interstate 405 in the hills above a pass near the getty center art museum. two aircraft known at super scooper dropped water on the planes last night. the fire broke out about 3:30 yesterday afternoon and moved up hill toward a cul-de-sac in bellaire. no homes have been damaged. the fire has charred about 70 acres so far and is 40% contained. >>> we are learning more about the man under arrest in connection with the death of a 29-year-old woman whose body was found in san benito county last week. 69-year-old laura jones ever monterey is in custody down in southern california. he's a professor of the graduate school in monterey. the victim's ex-husband, she was still living with him. her body was left in a wooded hear in san benito county. officers executed a search warrant and determined she had been killed at her home before her body was transported. >>> a gritty oakland neighborhood plagued by cross statutes is celebrating the closing of two motels link today the sex trade. neighbors in the area are forming a new partnersh
, the san joaquin valley. even los angeles. gusty winds in the sierra nevada. the fire danger is quite high. when it clears here, nice day at the beach but strong rip currents along the central coast. but we are talking about a nice afternoon. we will call it mostly sunny. game time 1:05 with temperatures in the low 60s at at&t park. the breeze kicks up so it will still be pleasant in the afternoon. raiders are playing across the bay, lower 60s. mid-afternoon we will call it partly cloudy to mostly sunny and low 80s returning here. higher clouds in the south bay and instead of the mid-80s, a little more like fall, 9 in san jose. really nice there with last day of the jazz festival in monterey, 65. and the walnut festival in walnut creek, and the folson street fair going on in the city. but a nice-looking afternoon. not much of a change to start the week. the winds are going to kick up and and it lacks like they will go offshore by the end of the week and that means warmer, dryer conditions. >> thanks, lisa. let's check out sports. at 10:00 this morning the niners play the minnesota vikings,
the golden gate. >>mark: firefighters are continuing to battle a 3,600 a. blaze burning near los angeles. it has been burning since sunday. containment is up to 25 for sen. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the fire forcing thousands to to evacuate nearby camp grounds. the cyruses sincere addresses this force is fully contained. we are watching a fire to our north income was the county. steep terrain here as well forcing firefighters to battle from the year. three separate wild fires combined to burn more than 200 a. forcing authorities to shut down part of highway 16 16 >>darya: the time is 7:23 a.m. we're back with more than a couple of minutes. here is a live look of the traffic on 101 through san jose on the right-hand side is the commute direction, not too bad. the >>erica: we have a lot to get to this morning. here's a quick look at some of the top stories turn it around the internet. bob barker hosted the price is right for 35 years russia. he says that the producers chose to ignore him and have not offered to send him a dvd of the big taping. next summer report
-on to los angeles. it is going into retirement at the science center and before it reaches its last destination it is due to fly over us in the bay area friday morning. >>> france has been ad street protest that are banning the magazine. it is called charlie head dough. he is defending the publisher's free speech rights and that organization was firebombed last year after printing other cartoons. >>> children are returning to the classrooms after teachers are ending their strike after more than a week of walking the picket line. they do not have a contract but members are expected to vote on attentive deal within the next -- a tentative deal with within the next couple of weeks. >>> failure of proposition 30 could trigger $250 million in cuts to the state university system and if the measure does pass, the tuition increase this fall will be rescinded. >>> a woman who was wounded in a shooting forced an east oakland school into lockdown. we understand she is recovering this morning. that woman was shot while driving on crouse avenue near the elementary school yesterday afternoon. the
is it going? >> reporter: one would think it has potential of sequel to a bad movie. mayor of los angeles says it's pretty good and going pretty well. that is traffic on the other freeways in los angeles, this freeway is closed down, ten miles from san der in an dough valley to l.a. this is the construction part. they have to expand the freeway in order to expand the freeway by another lane, they have to make this bridge. this the mullonnd bridge and the landmark is coming down. it's come down in one big chunk buried into the hillside. most of it is coming down about chunks the size of basketballs. this is a 53-hour project and mayor says they hope it will be done in 53 hours. first version of carmegeddon. it was done in 37 hours. this one is going to take longer because its 30% longer span on the north side of the bridge. to get all of this down, you have to basically chunk away at this. they are hoping by tonight to have all of this northbound span down but they wanted to encourage people to stay home and eat and play locally. they are concerned that people will say -- oh, it's not that bad
was interviewed by the los angeles county sheriff's department yesterday. after the interview he decided not to return home. federal investigators are trying to determine whether he, who was convicted of bank fraud, violated his terms of probation. if so, a judge could order him back to jail. >> an 18-year-old chicago man do in court tomorrow but used a train to set up a car bomb. federal prosecutors say they began monitoring a dell dog after he posted material online about a violent jihad and about killing americans. after the post he unknowingly began working with undercover agents to plan the bombing. they provided him with a big bomb and he was arrested friday night after trying to detonate it. they've are say they were surprised to hear about the arrests. >> so many years together. >> an online post he wrote that he would not be happy if he only killed five or 10 people. neighbors say the family is from egypt, but he's a u.s. citizen. he's now facing multiple charges including to attempt to use a weapon of mass distraction. if found guilty, he faces life in prison. >>> the surges on
giants dedicated their game against the los angeles dodgers last night to highway patrol officer kenyon youngstrom. the team held a moment of silence to honor his service and sacrifice. officer youngstrom was killed in a shootout tuesday in alamo. the gunman was shot to death by another officer. vic lee road with the chp along that same stretch of road. >> the outpouring of sadness and support from the public just keeps growing. here at the chp field officer where officer kenyon youngstrom works. >> i think it underscores in their mind, wow, these individuals are human beings just like me, they are connected to family, they are connected to friends. >> the officer has been with the chp some 30 years. it's not the first time he's heard the radio call, an 11-99," officer down. every time the same reaction. >> your mind starts racing. sometimes your heart sinks. >> and when that officer dies -- >> each one, a piece of you goes with that individual. there's never a time where you say i'm over that. you just learn how to manage it. sometimes there are thoughts of anger, sometimes there are t
taste this soup. >> the san francisco giants dedicated their game against the los angeles dodgers last night to highway patrol officer kenyon youngstrom. the team held a moment of silence to honor his service and sacrifice. officer youngstrom was killed in a shootout tuesday in alamo. the gunman was shot to death by another officer. vic lee road with the chp along that same stretch of road. >> the outpouring of sadness and support from the public just keeps growing. here at the chp field officer where officer kenyon youngstrom works. >> i think it underscores in their mind, wow, these individuals are human beings just like me, they are connected to family, they are connected to friends. >> the officer sam morgan has been with the chp some 30 years. it's not the first time he's heard the radio call, an 11-99, officer down. every time the same reaction. >> your mind starts racing. sometimes your heart sinks. >> and when that officer dies -- >> each one, a piece of you goes with that individual. there's never a time where you say i'm over that. you just learn how to manage it. sometimes t
the country ,, how protesters in sa francisco plan to mark the anniversary . a los angeles tourist destination is open for business again this morning after this wild fire prompted evacuations ,, but the fire is not out yet . a campus wide alert goes out for a bay area college after an early morning attempted robbery and assault . more coming up later . stay with us . at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger. . >> with auditors the system hazardous when anti-tax groups at less to will above >> several plane crash are across the country house in the bay area ,, thousands of volunteers take to the dismay save up to 35% on a
of los angeles, the chairman of the convention but saying "a" for effort could provide more fodder for republicans. >>shepard: how will the republicans counter that? >>reporter: the republicans are jumping on him. the president was laying out his defense in the battleground of virginia and the challenge on thursday night, and that is dealing with the high unemployment and trying to make the case to the american people on thursday night, look, i need four more years to finish the job. here is the president. >> we have come too far to turn back now. we have created a lot of jobs but we have more jobs to create. we have more doors of opportunity to open up for everyone willing to work hard and walk through the doors. >>reporter: democrats are pushing back on this saying the president not only has an opportunity on tuesday to lay out what he would do but they think mitt romney miss add big opportunity by not spending enough time on what he would do as president. instead, he attacked president obama. >>shepard: thank you. how do you like the music, ed? >>reporter: great to be here. grea
is adopted and the platform has been amended as shown on the screen. >> jon: that's los angeles mayor, the chairman of the democratic convention calling for a third vote to amend their platform, this time to include god and reconfirm jerusalem as the capital of israel. it didn't seem to get much attention in the mainstream media, jim. why not? >> it could be because the mainstream media didn't want to make the democrats look bad. by contrast, if this would have been the republican, the chairman of the republican convention would have done the voice votes. it didn't appear two-thirds, but they would have had the acoustical engineers and sound checks and which is bigger, the people in the white t-shirts would have been household names now and on the today show, telling how atrocious the republicans are. instead it was the democrats and sweetness and light, abc news didn't touch the story. nbc news gave it like ten seconds. >> and i want to say, we talked about this earlier in the week, jim and i, but i want to say, listen, it was the hottest story on talk radio, both from the right and
with the manhunt in los angeles right now for a gunman that claimed to kidnap a bank manager and tied a bomb around her waist during a daring bank robbery. you see aerial shots of it right now. at this hour, new questions are surfacing. one of them, was the manager actually involved in the plot all along? here's abc's nick watt. >> reporter: the bank manager, allegedly ordered to rob her own bank. police say her nightmare began around 8:00 wednesday morning when the two men approached her outside her home as she was leaving for work. she told police the men ordered her to strap a device to her stomach and then drive to the bank >> she was told it was a bomb. >> reporter: fearing for her life, police say she did exactly as she was told, open the vaults and true bags of cash out the back door. the robbers who never set their foot in the building made their escape before cops and the bomb squad arrived on the scene. >> they very carefully removed that device from her body. >> reporter: a bomb squad robot detonated the device, which turned out to be a very convincing fake, leaving some to question if t
. they are going to postpone this until tomorrow. and the rival is still for los angeles on thursday. the arrival-is still expected to be on thursday. keep an eye out. it is supposed to make a couple of spots. even then as a reserve center. it is supposed to be on the california science center museum on display. and let us check-in with weather and traffic. >> still traffic hotspots. still, one of the worst and the potential is always here at the bay bridge. that is exactly what we have. with an early morning accident that is blocked lanes. the 880 approach is backed up all the way to the split of the 880. that is either the east shore freeway or the bay bridge. it is about 25 minutes. even from the nimitz freeway. usually, that is the easiest approach. today, it is one of the most difficult for 30 minutes. from the east shore freeway. the other area is 8 ft. 0 southbound out of san leandro and to hayward. northbound, still difficult with an earlier occurring motorcycle accident but it has been cleared. the bridge check 92 has been problem-free. and also east bound, westbound. however, east bound
, abc news, los angeles. gangnam style >> oh, nick. >> nick's pretty good at that. you will not get fired, sam, for a little bit of gangnam style. >> you're right. there will be no possibility of it. >>> let's just get -- >> give it a go. give it a go. >> let's give these kids their jobs back, by the way. i'm sure city property's been used for worse. okay? let's show you what's happening here. we have that cold front. this is the front that made its big move across the country and dropped temperatures by about 30 degrees as it passed through with strong storms. now, it settles into florida. it will bring some rain with it. it's not going to bring you strong cooling. it's weakened now. about five degrees cooler in the area that gets the front through. here's where the heat stays. there's big fire watches and warnings out. for the northern part of this map. 80 in omaha. some gusty winds, very warm and dry air. >> now, thankfully, the big booed settles down. we'll have america's weather in the next half hour. >>> coming up on "gma," stunning secret recordings made in one woman's home.
into the sacramento valley. even fresno not as hat, 92. 88 in los angeles. but big problems with the rib currents south of the bay around monterey and be careful if you are headed to the beaches down there. 60 in half moon bay. the milbrae art and wine festival, the 42nd one going on today there. and the sausalito art festival through labor day. 75 san jose with 67 in salinas. today maybe a couple degrees warmer than yesterday. a big warmup tomorrow, labor day. it will stay that way on tuesday and the cool down wednesday, thursday and friday. not bad out there. just a little cool to start out today. >> you are giving me an absolute lock, tomorrow in pet aluminum ma for the parade. it will be nice. >> thank you. >> no problem. tomorrow afternoon petaluma will honor its little league heroes with a 45 minute parade. they are going to be starting about 1:00. walnut park located at 4th and d streets. look for individual players to be riding in convertible hot rods and classic cars. that should be a sight. there will be speeches, presentations and, of course, free hot dogs, courtesy of the little leagu
do for you today? ♪ try align today. >> los angeles police say they aregsed a man breaking into the home of my recyrus. an employee inside noticed something strange and called 911. when they arrived they found this guy still on the property and tried to get him to surrender. >> we gave them some commands and didn't respond. with y we went ahead and said we were going to taz them in order to get him to comply so he went ahead and did so. he became compliant walked uppity hill for us. we took him into custody without incident. >> he told police he and miley have been friends for years. he reportedly was found with strange items including a pair of scissors in his pocket and a giant red heart tied around his neck. rivera being held on suspicion of burglary and is expected to be charged this week. miley cyrus was not at home at this time. a wild wake up call for a california neighborhood. getting down and dirty for a good cause. two stops as we go across america. >> california a vacant house blows up in a quiet modesto suburb. the explosion so powerful it caused damage through
the plant is located between los angeles and san diego counties. it serves southern orange county and san diego county. >> new reports about whether the united states has early warnings about the attack in libya. the one that killed the u.s. ambassador and three other embassy workers. ktvu alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. bureau with an alarming report suggesting the u.s. should have done more to protect them. alison. >> reporter: first, dave, u.s. embassies around the world today are bracing for more protests and violence. the british newspaper the independent is reporting the u.s. state department had credible information 48 hours before mobs charged the consulate in benghazi but no warnings were given to diplomats there. four americans were killed in the attack. including chris stevens. california senator dianne feinstein says investigations are under way into the man that made the antiislamic film that has sparked such a furry. >> concerning the individual who did this very obnoxious 12 minute preview of some very stupid movie and wrong headed movie. and he may well not be
up here? >> i had those thoughts and los angeles is a very -- you don't have a job in los angeles, there is something about it that's more profoundly depressing than maybe not having a job other places. >> they are all-around you, success stories. the whole machinery is geared to achievement and success, not failure. when it's great, it's the best place to be in the world, when it's wrong, it's the most lonely place on earth. >> on this town, when you are walking on a sidewalk, you are perceived as a failure. >> if you walk you are perceived as a failure. >> you can walk on three blocks in the town and people will pass you who know you and say that's too bad what happened to conan. it's not like new york or any other city. that was a very -- there is lots of intense despair. >> you then get a big break. "saturday night live." >> i believe this gentlemen has something to say. >> i completed your course. i never deamed i could be this handsome. thanks. >> you're handsome. give that man a round of applause! >> and after a year and a half, they read your sketches and give you a two-we
. under that promofl illegal immigrants in los angeles who can not obtain driver's licenses could use their library cards as identification which could then be used to open bank accounts, access city services. opponents are arguing the library cards might encourage illegal immigration and could be easily exploited by terrorists. san francisco and oakland by the way already adopted similar plans. new haven, connecticut, the first city to award illegal immigrants legal identification cards. >>> up next, leon panetta stern words for the seal team six author who detailed the story of the bin laden raid. is he just as focused on finding those in the white house who have been leaking sensitive information? "the a-team" joins us next. chris hahn, lis wiehl. there you see them. bringing up the rear, james freeman. but he will be leading from the front, i'm sure. [ owner ] i need to expand to meet the needs of my growing business. but how am i going to fund it? and i have to find a way to manage my cash flow better. [ female announcer ] our wells fargo bankers are here to listen, offer guidanc
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last night. a's fared better against the angels in los angeles. moss and pennington, homered the a's win 3-1. they've won 10 straight games on the road tying the third longest streak in oakland history. a's are leading the american league wild card race they meet the angels again tonight. >>> raiders are going through a makeover since al davis passed away, new gm, new head coach against the chargers, same performance. raiders were driving first possession to ingram knocks the ball lose, look at this hit -- ball loose, look at this hit, bang! ball pops loose long night from there --. line back hasn't long snapped since high school -- >> we gotta eliminate the self-inflicted wounds that has hurt news the preseason and obviously hurt us tonight we have to find way to get those things eliminated. >> raiders will try to get back on track against the dolphins. >>> harrowing encounter with wildlife at yellowstone national park. a group of young vacationers never thought they would see this. caught on video posted on youtube this group gets dangerously close to a bison. more shocking the a
numbers below normal for the week ahead. 101 in fresno, but notice temperatures are down in los angeles after triple digit heat there. the high pressure begins to relax, so somecology there. 96 in vegas and 86 in reno. the winds slackening off there too so that's good news. 60s for the a's game. mid-60s to first pitch. and later on today at candlestick park, bring the layers. we will look for numbers in and around the 60-degree mark with breezy winds. 80 santa rosa. mill valley has the arts festival today, low 70s there. and burlingame. also low 70s for another outdoor arts festival. 64 in monterey. it will be cool and breezy there despite the sunshine. in the look ahead, temperatures just about the same as yesterday. maybe a couple degrees cooler. then by tomorrow and into the middle of the week, you will notice around the bay and inland the numbers come down to below average. we will look for the pattern to pretty much stay with us with not much change throughout the week ahead. you know, last week there wasn't much change either. >> so what's the deal on that? >> it's just september,
hand! >> the tense situation in los angeles as police chase a murderer suspect. >>> popular supplement researchers now say may not be the lifesaver that many think. >>> welcome back. look at the warmth inland 90 fairfield, antioch, 80s rest of the east bay valleys north bay and south bay mid 70s to near 80 bay mid to upper 60s coast into san francisco more sunshine than yesterday. flooding and thunderstorms subsiding in the southern parts of our state. going to get warmer palm springs 100, central valley mid to upper 90s, tahoe 75 today, clouds big sur and 68. >>> 5:48. huge turnout in lafayette last night to celebrate the life of brett olson, a college student who drowned in the sacramento river after he went missing for a week. 1,000 turned out at acalanes high to remember olson. his father expressed his astonishment at the way his community mobilized to try to find brett. he disappear during a labor day gathering. within the first four hours of posting it on facebook, 17,000 people joined the effort. eventually it ballooned to more than 92,000. >> the world will not miss brett. we w
of an actor who dominated daytime drama for two decades he died sunday if cancer in los angeles. he made his final appearance as edward quarter main in an episode that -- edward quarter man an episode last week. he was 84-years-old. >>> next, the giants lower the magic number to -- >> a's plans for new stadium may be in jeopardy. the decision they say they need from major league baseball now. >>> flying tomato in hot water. why olympic star shaun white has day in court. >> if you followed at amanda knox case you won't want to miss today's show. her ex-boyfriend, young italian man who found himself caught in the middle of the high profile mur mystery joins me to tell his sigh of the story. what happened that night in italy? that's toda "and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. >>> welcome back. looking being out from the roof cam -- looking out from the roof cam, beautiful morning nice shot overcast this morning little chilly, kristen doesn't like the shot
scheduled one. organizers will parade endeavour down the streets of los angeles new home at the california science center, endeavour logged more than two dozen flights in space over nearly two decades. steve harrigan is in our florida newsroom. what's the biggest challenge from getting this shuttle from california to the museum. >> toughest part of this three day trip might be the final 12 miles. that's going to be on land. 1 0,000-pound shuttle moving through some of the streets of los angeles to its final resting place in the california science center. they have done the logistics on this for some months now. they have tropical depression down a few hundred trees which they will replant. even on the ground the technological hurdles are not over for the endeavour, shepard. >> shepard: once endeavour is in place. where will that leave all the shuttles? >> three more different cities across the u.s. the enterprise is already in new york city. of course, "discovery" is in washington, d.c. the shuttle with the least amount of movement still to go will be atlantis down the road here in florida
destination the science center in exposition park near los angeles. i'm going to let us watch this moment, live as it happens, defer defer leaving ellington field in houston, texas. >> sometimes they have to stop to refuel going across country 747 is a lien that can make a cross country -- is a plane that can make a cross country run easily. look at all that traffic. >> that's what we may see in the bay area tomorrow. we'll be following that close for you around 8:30, 9:00 when it is going to happen that is the peak of the morning commute. the other question in the bay area as we continue to watch this the weather. will we be able to see our fly by? hopefully we'll get clearer conditions for tomorrow. >> let's check in with mike. >>> i think we'll be able to see, a few low clouds, but i think we'll be able to see it. i'm looking and feeling a little more optimistic than yesterday about us being able to see it. there will be clouds around, but won't be like that real thick marine layer that we've been used to the rest of this week. the best chance will be in the south bay in the east bay v
by over the golden gate bridge. and back to los angeles. is "endeavour" soaring over the hollywood sign. on studio b the former astronaut and current fox news contributor tom jones commented on the huge crowds that turned out to catch a glimpse. >> it is great to see its career being highlighted here and i think the outpouring of sentiment and people coming out to see "endeavour" shows the depth of interest in space exploration. people are quietly yearning for something to take its place. >> tom jones flew on "endeavour" not once but twice. >>> associated press reports shipping and handling costs for the final tour could total some $28 million. the new owner is said to foot the bill. adam housely in los angeles. went off without a hitch. >> reporter: spoked up patriotism as well. back in 1991 left, california, to replace challenger. as so many people alluded to today, come back home, flying all around california. the pictures that came to us not only on the video feed but across twitter and facebook were stunning as it flew up through the heart of california and cut over to the bay area
, behind places like new york, new orleans, los angeles and miami. >> 18 million tour efforts visited san francisco last year. and the pace continues this year. they come for the beauty, but sometimes see the beast. "travel and leisure magazine" ranked san francisco was one of america's dirtiest cities, 11 out of 35 surveyed. it comes from an online poll of some 50,000 readers, not at all scientific and not at all accurate according to most tourists retalk to. >> i grew up in new york so my threshold nor dirt is way up here. i see san francisco and i think i can literally eat off this sidewalk compared to new york. >> he's right, new york is number one or the dirty list. but back to san francisco. >> it's beautiful. i would not say it's a dirty city. it's not the dirtiest city. >> she's write. baltimore ranks third but san francisco deserves to be on the list too, according to some tourists, like this family from australia. >> yeah, it has been a little grimy and dirty. my son got spit on. >> the counter points in the not so pristine conditions. the magazine gave san francisco high marks
is this incredible video from a car chase. this happened near los angeles. the suspect bailed out of a moving vehicle on the highway. but he doesn't give up there. he continues to run from police and then he jumps off the bridge. right there. he fell about 20 to 30 feet to another roadway below. amazingly the suspect was still alive after both of those jumps. he was wanted for domestic violence and during the chase reached speeds of more than 115 miles per hour. those are your headlines. >> pretty dramatic. >> pretty energetic guy. >> there you go. let's go outside for another enjerry jet particular guy it's rick reichmuth. >> i'm traumatized. >> do not do. that will do not jump out of a moving vehicle like that. >> oh my gosh. that looked like all the movies where all this unrealistic stuff keeps on having and they keep on living. >> oh my gosh, let's talk about the weather. really big story, tropical story not here in the u.s. but impacting areas out across the western pacific. take a look at this satellite image. this is typhoon sanba and heading for okinawa. the air base is about to take a pummel
. >>> a crewmember on the los angeles set of a new disney movie has died. the 48-year-old man reportedly suffered a heart attack while preparing a tank for an underwater shooting scene in the remake of the lone ranger. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. the accident did not take place while cameras were rolling. >>> tiger at the bronx zoo could be back in its exhibit as early as today after mauling a man. the 25-year-old man deliberately jumped 17 feet into the exhibit from an elevated monorail yesterday. the 11-year-old siberian tiger bit the man several times. emergency personnel used a fire extinguisher to get the animal away from him. officials are still trying to figure out why the man jumped. he is listed in critical condition. >>> knots berry farm is shutting down all six of its wind seeker ride. on wednesday, 20 people were stranded on the ride. they were left dangling 300 feet in the air for four hours, until they were finally lowered down. the company is now doing an internal review of why the ride shut down. >>> witnesses rush to help a security guard who was shot by a man trying
legalrouble for the teen star miley cyrus. the los angeles police department is investigating an altercation allegeding involving the 19-year-old at a hollywood nightclub. what she's accused of and savannah got to be the she's deejay on monday. great for those carpenter fans, and this morning it's al's turn to reveal his go-to play list. we'll get started on that in just a little while. let's begin in chicago where teachers are walking the picket line for a second straight day. nbc's kevin tibbles is out there. kevin, good morning to you. >> reporter: yes, indeed, matt, and for a second straight day, parents are searching for a safe operation to send their children. and the longer this strike persists, the higher tensions are just going to get. chicago public school teachers took to the streets to get their message out. thousands marched to city hall, causing massive traffic jams. 29,000 teachers hit the picket lines, striking for the first time in 25 years and leaving some 400,000 students out of the classroom. >> it's not the best thing because you can't learn very much things and you have
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